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  • 11 Jun 2021 9:01 AM | Henry Slocum (Administrator)

    Summer is heating up, and we're excited to see the return of so many social running events! After more than a year's long hiatus, UMTR is bringing back a number of non-competitive group runs that keep our members connected and welcome those who are new to trail running. Our next opportunity is coming up on Sunday, August 1st, with "Aint City Running"!

    It's no secret that the Twin Cities Metro area has many amazing trails to run. This summer, we want to show off some of the best choices for city dwellers, that don't even require a trip in the car to get to! Join UMTR and Saint City Running on an urban trail exploration through Hidden Falls and Crosby Farm parks. We will have guides and trail buddies for a variety of distances and paces, making this a great event for all! 

  • 25 Apr 2021 3:30 PM | Jamison Swift (Administrator)

    Happy Spring everyone and welcome back to racing! We wanted to take a brief moment to update everyone on how the race series are going to work this year. 

    We're hoping to hold our various series as close to as normal as possible, however, we ask that people have patience and understanding if circumstances require changing things at the last minute. Many race directors are struggling to get permission to hold an event, and sometimes that means shifting date or distances. Remember everyone is doing their best. 

    Trail Series: The trail series has kicked off with Zumbro and Trail Mix, and Willow is right around the corner on May 1st. If you've signed up for this series you should have already heard from series director Mandy on how to submit your results. 

    Ultra Series: We've had 4 events happen in the Ultra series with END Sure, Zumbro, Trail Mix, and the awesome Chippewa 50K finishing up right now. Series director Carl will be contacting folks after each race about submitting results. 

    Timed Series: The first Timed Series event is the Treasured Havens Farm 3, 6, and 12 hour run on May 30th. The rest of the schedule is still very much in flux and we'll keep people posted as we hear more. 

    Gnarly Bandit: This is the one everyone has been asking about... and YES we are hoping to have a Gnarly Bandit series for this year. However, with the absence of Zumbro, this will once again be a 4-race series this year; Kettle Moraine 100, Black Hills 100, Superior 100, and Wild Duluth 100K. Series director Brandon will be keeping track of results and who's still in, and who's still out, as the year goes on. 

    Finally, there's still time to join in the fun, and it's as simple as 1, 2, 3...

    1. Make sure you're a current member of UMTR. You must be a member in good standing to participate. You can sign up at https://umtr.org/Membership

    2. Once you're a member, check out our instructions on how to select your race series for 2021. https://umtr.org/How-to-Sign-Up  (must be logged in to view)
    3. Go run and have fun!!!

    We also want to thank our sponsors:

    These are great folks in our running community and they've earned our support, and they are helping to support us. Go check them out!

  • 7 Feb 2021 2:03 PM | Jamison Swift (Administrator)

    Greetings UMTR!

    Your Board of Directors just completed our annual retreat to plan for the year and we wanted to share a few things that you can expect coming up. 

    First, we know that everyone is very excited to know about the race series. We're going to send out a more detailed email in the coming weeks, but we wanted to let everyone know that we're going to try really hard to run the series as normally as we can. There will need to be adjustments and we'll communicate those as soon as we can. 

    Next up, we're really excited that 2021 holds the promise of more in-person gatherings. We're planning 3-4 fatass events over the year, and even if they need to be held in a socially distant fashion, they will still hopefully happen. As with all in person events we will be following guidance from the CDC and other governmental authorities to ensure everyone stays safe. 

    Finally, we are very, very hopeful that we'll be able to hold a year end gathering this year. Depending on the situation it may look a bit different, but our intention is to get everyone together at the end of the year to celebrate our bounce-back year!

    Make sure you keep an eye on our website (https://umtr.org/), emails, and social media accounts to keep up to date on all the latest happenings. And if your membership is lapsing soon, please renew and help us keep supporting trail running in the Upper Midwest. 

  • 2 Jan 2021 12:02 PM | Jamison Swift (Administrator)

    Happy New Year everyone!  We can't wait to get 2021 kicked off right, and we're incredibly excited about what trail running holds for the next year. 

    BUT! We can't do it alone. In order for UMTR to give money back to trails, and put on fatass events, and have prizes for our race series, and sponsor trail work weekends... we need your support. 2020 has decimated our membership numbers, and we're looking at a tough road ahead in rebuilding. If you've been a member in the past, we'd love to have you join us again. We need as many people as possible to help make 2021 incredible. 

    About that auto-renew thing...

    Many of you may remember that when you signed up in 2019 there was an option for auto-renewal. Some people liked this, and other people didn't. Our software platform has a limitation in allowing users to choose to auto-renew, and therefore, we needed to turn off auto-renewal for everyone. That means that you may think you're still a member, but actually, your membership has lapsed. You can head over to https://umtr.org/Sys/Profile and check your membership details at any time to see what your status is. We'll be investigating other options for auto-renewal in the future, but for the time being we need to ask people to renew manually. 

    Thank you again for helping us advocate for this sport that we love! We're so proud of our community here in the upper midwest, and everywhere we travel we hear nothing but great things about runners from our region. Thank you for being amazing, and please come join us on this journey into an incredible future. 

  • 18 Nov 2020 7:55 PM | Carl Bliss (Administrator)

    Thursday is Give to the Max Day in Minnesota! It's a day when Minnesotan's step up and help the many non-profits that help make the midwest a better place.

    On this day of generosity, many organizations are able to take advantage of matching funds to make your donation go farther (and we know you like to go farther!)

    There are many incredible organizations helping to preserve outdoor spaces, encourage an active lifestyle, and make outdoor recreation accessible to everyone in our community. If you plan to participate in Give to the Max day, we want to encourage you to remember organizations like this. 

    While this list is certainly not exhaustive, here are a few organizations UMTR has partnered with in the past:

    Even if you're not from Minnesota, we'd love to encourage you to remember the organizations making the trail a better place, with your year-end giving.

  • 17 Jul 2020 8:54 AM | Jamison Swift (Administrator)

    Many people want to start trail running, but don't know how. That's where folks like Jake Hegge come in. He's a physical therapist and coach at Trail Transformation. Come listen in as he shares tips and tricks for people who are just getting started!


  • 2 Jul 2020 8:24 AM | Jamison Swift (Administrator)

    It's been a busy summer so far on two of the long trails in our region, the Superior Hiking Trail and the Ice Age Trail. UMTR supports these two trails, and we've all come to love being on them, either for races or just for fun. Check out some of the amazing accomplishments that are happening right in our backyard!

    With many events being cancelled during the pandemic, it's a great time to get out there and do some hiking. Even small section hikes can be great training for the endurance required for ultras, and for learning more about the trails that we love. 

  • 24 Jun 2020 7:21 AM | Jamison Swift (Administrator)

    Greeting runners!  We hope you all dealing with a difficult 2020 as well as possible. 

    As you all know, many of the races in all of our race series have been either cancelled or postponed. At this point it is not clear that runners will have the opportunity to participate and complete three races in any of the Trail, Ultra, and Timed Series that are required to be eligible for awards, let alone all the races in the Gnarly Bandit Series. Further, we do not want to encourage participation in races under conditions that a runner may consider uncomfortable or unsafe. 

    Thus, the UMTR Board has decided to cancel the Trail, Ultra, Timed, and Gnarly Bandit Series for 2020. We are hopeful for the 2021 racing season, and to the extent possible we plan on keeping the scheduled races for 2021 the same as for 2020. 

    We have also made the difficult decision to cancel our annual Banquet, due to ongoing public health concerns. While we relish the idea of gathering with members from across our region to share stories and celebrations, we determined it would not be possible to create an adequately safe and hygienic atmosphere in our traditional potluck format. We do hope, however, to share a virtual address with members at the end of the year, to acknowledge the difficulties overcome and accomplishments made in a challenging year.

    The banquet also serves as our annual membership meeting, an important part of which is electing new Board members. We will still hold an election this year, through an electronic poll. In the coming months we will be posting nomination forms and information regarding how the election will be conducted.

    Stay safe, positive, and keep on running!

  • 18 Jun 2020 3:11 PM | Jamison Swift (Administrator)

    A couple of years ago, UMTR updated its mission statement to include the following phrase: “In our experience, the trail running community is tremendously diverse, welcoming, and open.” However it has become apparent that this is not the truth that many people in the trail running world have experienced. Trail running has never been known for being very diverse and it has struggled with carrying out a commitment to being an inclusive community. There are many who feel unwelcome in the trail running world and as a community, we need to do better.

    UMTR is not a running club, and we do not speak for any specific group of local runners. We are an organization that advocates for the betterment of trails and the sport of trail running, however, we feel that the injustices in the world we live in compel us to use our position to model a better way. We know that our community has lessons to learn and changes to make if we are to truly work towards our mission.

    Going forward, the UMTR Board would like to announce some initiatives that we'll be taking, in an effort to align our work with our values, and the future of trail running we strive to create. These are two specific actions that we feel are within our capabilities (as an all-volunteer organization), and that play to the strengths of what our organization can do.

    1. We will be intentionally seeking to add more diversity to our board of directors, and ensure that our board better reflects the composition of the trail running community.
    2. We will be using our platform to help amplify the conversations that are happening around our sport about race and equity.

    Therefore, you can expect to see more communication from us, across our social media platforms, over the coming months about racial inclusion and overall diversity in trail running. In particular, we will be sharing links to discussions and perspectives that we hope will help our community find real solutions to the issues that our sport is facing.

    We ask that through this process that everyone remain respectful and focused on our shared mission to build a trail running community that is tremendously diverse, welcoming, and open. We also welcome your input and feedback about how UMTR can do better.

    Also, during this time, we would also like to share some links to organizations that help promote diversity in outdoor activities. If you have the means, please give generously.


    UMTR Board of Directors

  • 4 Jun 2020 3:27 PM | Carl Bliss (Administrator)

    Dear UMTR members,

    We at UMTR want to acknowledge that our community is grappling with the murder of George Floyd and the injustice of racism that people of color in our nation have long endured.  It is our community's desire to be open and inclusive to everyone, and our belief that the outdoors, and running on dirt, is something that everyone can enjoy. We strongly believe that trails should be a place where people can feel safe and welcome, and we hope that our trail family continues to be one of equality, acceptance, and respect.

    We all need to do our part to dismantle systemic racism in the upper midwest and the United States as a whole. We at UMTR hope to be able to do more in the future to contribute to being a more inclusive community and acknowledge that this is just the beginning of the conversation that we all need to have. For now, if you have the means, we suggest you consider donating to the following causes:

    If you would like to share anything with us, please reach out. We are here to listen. 

    -UMTR Board

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