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Meet our Ultra Series Sponsor!

11 Mar 2019 7:03 PM | Jamison Swift

Every year, we seek sponsors for each of our race series. This sponsorship allows us to provide awards for top finishers in each series, and it gives us the opportunity to highlight a few great businesses in our community who share our interest in trail running.

Today, we're thrilled to re-introduce a sponsor from last year, Dr. Chad Koterba! Dr. Chad sponsored the Ultra Series last year and wanted to come back for more! Thanks for being a part of our community, Dr. Chad!

Dr. Chad Koterba is not only a chiropractor, but also a certified athletic trainer. His background in sports medicine and chiropractic gives him a unique ability to treat sports injuries, as well as other nerve, muscle, and joint injuries.  He specializes in runners and active individuals by using a comprehensive approach of treating through adjustments, specific stretching and strengthening exercises as well as soft tissue techniques such as myofascial release, Gua Sha tools, and trigger point therapy to relieve muscle tension which can lead to pain and dysfunction.

At Ultimate Health Chiropractic, we are runners, we treat and care for runners, and we get runners! You can see this from our wall of greatness filled with race bibs and medals from numerous patients who have trusted us to get them to the starting line and / or helped them with their recovery post-race.

Ultimate Health Chiropractic: Health Care for the Active. Located at 12991 Ridgedale Drive Suite A in Minnetonka.

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